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This week year 5 have been learning about the Titanic. We have learned about where it was built, their stops on the way and where the Titanic sunk on the way to New York. We have also learned about when it sunk. We have drawn the Titanic to stick in our Topic book to show what we’re learning about it.We have been learning division in maths. For a couple of lessons we have learnt about doing division mentally. Next we did the chunking method accurately. We have been dividing tens and hundreds by a one digit number, sometimes it will have a remainder.We wrote about a persuasive holiday so that Miss Szarko will go to the holiday because she said she was grumpy and she didn’t like to spend her money. We had to persuade her to go on our holiday. We had to use persuasive language. We had to write lots of adjectives.We did questions about what we have learnt so far in all are science lessons. Miss Szarko asked us some scientific questions. She asked some questions that we knew but some of us could not remember. We were asked about the shape of the Earth, Moon and Sun.