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Christmas is coming round quickly and the children are nearly as excited as the teachers!This last two weeks have been great fun; the children are well on their way to becoming journalists, as they write their articles on the Titanic. Watch out Stroud News and Journal you are getting some serious competition! Ask them to give you a headline – you will be amazed.In numeracy the children have been looking at square and cube numbers and trying to understand number patterns.  We are also just starting fractions so if you have any cake at home ask your child to divide it equally into halves or quarters!It was great to see so many children and parents at the Goodwill evening in Stroud, I have to say that the children from St Matthew’s out did themselves and the lanterns looked incredible.Below are a couple of photos from our Festomane workshop; we have started to build and control a fairground attraction using computers.  The children will continue to develop them until next February half term, when our work will be going on show at the leisure centre in Stratford Park.011010012