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This fantastic week in year 5 we have been writing our own advert to come on the Titanic as it’s our topic. We described the Titanic and what you can do whilst travelling on it. We are also going to write them on a plain piece of paper and tea stain them.In our maths lessons we have been looking at word problems and how to unpick them. We have looked at all the strategies in hard and difficult ways. For multiplication we did the grid method, for adding and subtracting we did the column method. Finally for division we did the chunking method.For S.P.A.G we have been learning about plurals of s and es. We all had a sheet to sort the words that end s or es. Also we looked at grammar. We put were or was in a sentence to make it sound right.One of our favourite lessons has got to be topic. In topic we are learning about the Titanic. We love it so much because we love to learn about why it sank. We asked Hannah M ,Hannah O and Louis about why they like our topic, they said “We like our topic because the lessons are always exciting, fun, interesting and enjoyable,”. Aaron also said “I enjoy learning new things”.We also love French. We drew pictures of our family members, wrote about them in French and wrote how to say the French word for Mum or Dad. Katie and Rylee Jai said “I think it’s fascinating because you know what to say.”This week’s certificate winner is Isobel! She got it for explaining word problems. Congratulations Isobel!Question of the week!What is your favourite subject? Most of our class said topic. Even our teacher voted topic! They won with 19 votes out of 29.We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Bye