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Year 5’s last week of Advent term. This week was an amazing week because we had a lot of fun and because it was the last week.On Wednesday some of the pupils from y5, y6 and y4 went to the Sports hall athletics competition they all did brilliantly and over all they came 3rd. The thing we came 1st at by miles is cheering on which is great and luckily we didn’t lose any voices. On Wednesday we had our carol service in church and we all did great especially because we sang a song without a teacher by the side of us. Everyone really enjoyed it and the people who were watching them looked like the enjoyed it as well. In maths we have been looking at shapes and we had to draw a shape poster and then Mr Baird would judge. In the end the winner was Martha, in 2nd place was Amy and in 3rd place was Noah. Also in maths we made shape and everyone’s turned out great. In PE we were doing Rowing, Football and Dodge ball. Everyone was doing really well until it started raining which meant we couldn’t do the outdoor games luckily we could still do rowing. So while we were waiting to do rowing we did a sports and Christmas quiz. On Thursday and Friday we had a great time watching movies and playing our Titanic board games and our Titanic quizzes. Everyone had great fun and show our Titanic Knowledge.  The movies we watched were Hugo which was about a boy who lives his life fixing clocks. The other one we watched was Arthur Christmas which was really funny and entertaining. That’s all from Year 5 for this year but for now Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!! By Emily Kovac Year 5