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In P.E we did our 2 minute races with Mr Pritchard. We had different activities to do like weights, press ups and sit ups and lots of other things. It was hard work! In football we did defending , passes and penalty shoot out. Mr Baird joined in with the penalty shoot out! The last thing we did was netball with Miss Szarko  we did foot work, passes and 2 mini games of netball and Miss Szarko joined in with both games. Miss Szarko is really fun to play with!

In literacy we have been learning about letters. At the moment we are writing a letter to a friend or a relative from are amazing holiday we have been on and some people did their dream holiday. After we did some setting descriptions of a picture that Miss Szarko had printed out for us. Miss Szarko wanted them to be descriptive and Miss Szarko liked and she was cheered up at the end of the day.In geography we planned a trip around the world some people did contenants and some people did places.  We also wrote our list of what we needed to bring around the world. We drew dotted lines on a map so we can know where we are going. In maths we did rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000.Today we did rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000 in decimals. It was really hard for some people.The certificate was awarded to Lily-Mae for responding to her green for growth correction. She said, “I was so surprised that i got a certificate”.