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Year 5’s enrichment weekOn Monday the juniors had a visit from Geoff and Hannah (local Printwaste recycling). They told us about what we can recycle and what we can’t. They offered us Cadburys crème eggs and suddenly everyone’s hands shot up.Also we had a visit from Nampak; they make our milk and Frij bottles. We also tried on some hair nets when they showed us what a visitor has to wear. We looked at the pellets that make plastic bottles. Would you believe Nampak make 1l bottles, 2l bottles, 4l bottles and 6l bottles? On Tuesday we had another visit from Stroud College fashion students. We made rubbish into a new item of clothing including recycled things!On Wednesday we had an interesting visit from Severn Trent water. Did you know that if you leave the tap running when you brush your teeth you waste 11 litres of water?! Also year 4 and 5 had to keep a water promise chart that they stick a sticker on if they kept it. On Thursday we had a stunning visit from Ecotricity, James Jennings and Sam Russell from Forest Green Rovers Football Club. Everyone loved it. They spoke about how they save money and we all had a chance to ask them questions. As a gift they gave us a half price ticket to go and watch them. Today we are making our Viking long ship out of recycled materials that we will be showing in the sharing assembly. By Daniel  and Casey