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This week we did a lesson on Solar Systems. We learnt about the 9 planets in our Solar System. We had to write facts about a planet in our Solar System. We have to look the facts up on the internet. Year 5 found out loads of interesting facts like Uranus has 84 Earth years. The farthest planet, sometimes called a dwarf planet,  is Pluto. Year 5 was so confident to find out interesting facts about the planets. In Year 5 we did literacy on flash backs using made up characters. Miss Szarko showed us her special items in a box like a photo of with her sister in Paris, her scarf that keeps her safe and warm, a good luck card for her first day as a teacher, her hunger games book and her pebbles from island. Then she told us to make a plan and to put the plan into are writing.Today in maths we did known timetable facts like 4x 4=16Today’s certificate is awarded to Riley for always being brave enough to volunteer or have a go, despite not always being sure.