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I hope you have enjoyed your 6 weeks hoilday off now here is a Year 5’s blog enjoy!!!!!!!Miss Szarko is a very nice and fun teacher just like Miss Beebee and ALL the other teachers .The first day of Year 5 we got used to our class.Miss Szarko told us things about what we need to do in Y5, we need to read alot,  join up handwriting,spelling,AND SUCCESFUL LEARNERS!Our successful learners are so  far are Hannah O ,Daisie, Aaron, Ruby.Miss Szarko nags us about successful learners.In Y5 we do for Librarian’s and also do the other classes .We do not know how are librarians yet in our class .In Y5 we do P.E on Tuesday but with Y6 but in teams .Our Topic in P.E is Football ,Rowing and Netball.School councilWe voted for who we wanted to be for school councilThe people with the most votes won the winners were Ruby AND Casey. We wrote what we want Miss Szarko to be like.Be Happy kind and caring everydayMake lessons funny and excitingJoin in with usBe fairGive adviceBe helpful when were are stuckBe yourself [awesome]Be honestShare ideasSupport usThe certificate this week was for Hannah O FOR trying hard to become a more successful learner by finding ways to use all of her learning time .Hannah how do you feel about getting the certificate?“I feel proud of myself and happy”From year 5 I hope you enjoyed the blogWrote by Eva and Hannah O