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I didn’t know what to expect when I asked Mrs Thomson, if I could organise a day where the beach came to St Matthews and after today I am glad she said yes.I hope that the children enjoyed the day because it has given me some great memories which I think I will treasure. Seeing both the year 5’s and 6’s in the sandpit was amazing. They were in their element building and creating. Year 5 produced not only some fantastic castles but there were mermaids and turtle sculptures as well. It was incredible, thank you Mr Boulton for your time in creating a brilliant sand pit, the children are going to be disappointed when it goes.The donkeys were marvellous! All the children enjoyed either petting or riding them. It was great to see the children’s faces as they came off the donkeys; I have never seen such big smiles.Once again thank you to everyone – children, staff and parents, who all made the day so much fun!086 087 093 094 097 098 099 100 101 102 103