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At the start of the week, we cut up some bottles to make  volcanoes. We stuck these on paper plates that we had painted green and paper mached them to build up a volcano shape. Finally we painted them to make them look like an erupting volcano.\n\nMiss Szarko brought in a big bottle of Coke and put 5 mints into the bottle. It erupted, and Miss Szarko couldn’t run away quick enough so got splashed all over her hands and feet! Luckily she was wearing her wellies! We did try to make it erupt again, but it didn’t work a second time.\n\nOn Wednesday, the whole of the Juniors had to come back to school in the evening to walk to the church for our Christmas Carol Service. We all sang carols like, “We’re the Guys on the Camels, He Is Immanuel,” and, “Good Christians All Rejoice”.  Some children from each class also read some of their work to the audience.\n\nOn Thursday, at lunchtime, we went into the hall to have a Christmas lunch with crackers. Some of us ate so much, we felt sick, like we would explode! Miss Szarko was particularly worried about Harvey, who looked like he would pop! Each class had brought in a certain type of food, our class brought pizza and little sausages.\n\nWe also made some calendars, where we included a poem and a picture of the 4 seasons. We chose whether we wanted to write a poem about the 4 seasons or the 12 months.\n\nOn Friday, we got into pairs with a friend and we had to put our arms around each other’s shoulders. We had to wrap up a book, only using one of our hands. When we finished wrapping it, we had to sit back to back with the present on one person’s lap. We had to unwrap the present without looking at it whilst the other person told them what to do. The winners with the neatest present wrapping were Amelia and Hollie.\n\nEach term we have commendations for a few people who the teacher thinks have done really well all term. 3 people were chosen from each class, our class had Harvey, Joe and Bailey. Well done!\n\nFinally, Santa came in to see us! He gave us all a present, which was a book about mysteries.\n\nHo Ho Ho ! Merry Christmas everyone!\n\n