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This week in year five has been fun.  We went into the year six class room and practiced our songs for our carol service. The songs are called the Guys with the Camels and He is Immanuel. The carol service is on Wednesday.  Some of us have readings and there is one in the song in He is Immanuel. We did an end of unit assessment, most of us found it alright. On Wednesday we did RE all day. It was really fun we learnt about refugees and what it was to be like one and wrote poems about it. On Tuesday in year five we watched a maths question by One Direction it was on Sheffield maths. We started making volcanoes, we had to paint two paper plates green and then we had to get a bottle and cut it small we then had to wait for our paper plates to dry because we needed to stick the bottles on the paper plates. Some of us got on to the paper mache. On Friday we had to plan a story based on flash backs. We had to say what made them have the flash back using objects. Soon we are going to start doing Christmas things we think it is going to be very fun!By Iona and Faith