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This week was Book week, and it has been Year 5’s most enjoyable week yet. Our favourite part of the week was on Thursday, when Bill the storyteller told us three hilarious stories. In the morning, our first story was about a hippo that wanted to dance and Bill dressed up in a purple feather boa and a multi-coloured tutu! Later on, he told us another story about a spider called Nancy who tricked animals into disappearing. Before he started the story, he built up the tension by asking a surprise creature to come out of his bag. We didn’t expect to see a spider fly across the room! Bill said we were the most frightened class in the whole school!For our final Literacy lesson of the week, we changed an original fairy tale to make it more modern. We changed the three little pig’s (now police pig’s) houses to be built out of brass, silver and gold, as well as making them live on a private island in a mansion made of logs. We also turned Goldilock’s porridge into pizza and allowed Cinderella to travel in a taxi instead of a carriage. Hansel and Gretel came across an evil teacher and were by being trapped villainous trees, whilst the Billy Goats Gruff travelled across the bridge by motorbike.We challenged ourselves in Maths today by subtracting decimals in our heads. We were all surprised at how good we were at it!