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This week we have been doing a lot of awesome things! We’ve been doing science,   and art and our inter-house tournament! We’ve had a really fun week.On Friday, year 5 and 6 had the inter-house tournament. The sports we did were netball and football and we were separated into our houses. The winners were Scott for netball and Grace for football! We had a really fun time!!In science we are looking at space and the Sun, Moon and the Earth. It is really interesting. We all had a balloon and wrote North, South, East and West and pretended that a rubber was our Sun. The Earth was rotating and orbiting the Sun.We also did art, and we went outside and drew something on the field like the view or the willow tunnel that inspired us to draw the thing that we wanted to draw. All of them were detailed and amazing! When we got in the classroom we walked around and looked at each other’s drawing.Katie in year 5 got the certificate and she said” I was really shocked and I was so pleased with myself” she got it for improving her work and challenging herself!