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In Year 6 at St-Matthews the focus is on helping children to develop a more independent approach to learning whilst securing core skills in literacy and numeracy. They will be encouraged to use a wide range of different primary and secondary sources of information to develop their understanding across the curriculum and will be given frequent opportunities to develop areas of particular interest or ability. This more responsible and independent approach will prepare children for transition to secondary school and the next important stage of their education.

Year 6 children have high expectations of work and behaviour and take on key positions of responsibility in the School including taking on the role of ‘team captain’; supporting infant children in the role of ‘playground supporter’ and leading democratic meetings as ‘school council leaders’. Another key part of the year in Year 6 is the week-long residential trip to London which offers children a unique opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and amazing attractions that the capital has to offer.

Challenging ourselves

In Year 6 this week we have been pushing and challenging ourselves to keep going at a task and building our resilience. In Maths, this took the form of an NRich maths challenge, set by mathematicians at Cambridge University. It was lovely to see the children rising to the challenge, not giving up and engaging…

Long division and diaries

Year 6 have been working so hard! They making Mrs Panton and Mrs Mclellan really proud. In Maths, we have worked on our division skills: we began with looking at the short written method for dividing and have moved on to long division. The children have shown amazing resilience as we’ve learnt a new skill.…

Life in Year 6

We are *loving* Year 6. The children came in on day one, rested and ready for the challenge! We just had time to settle in, then we were off again: on our PGL residential at Osmington Bay in Dorset. We really had a fantastic time. We really want to thank Mr S and Mrs Bateman…

St Matthew’s Got Talent!

We have had an incredibly exciting week in Year 6 this week. This week we have performed our class play 3 times to both the whole school and a family audience. The children showed a huge range of different talents and skills and blew us all away!