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This is our second term of Year six and we’ve really enjoyed it so far. In the afternoons, we have started construction of our Anderson shelters; which we need lots of cardboard for. Most of us have made a basement for them and have started to make furniture to go inside. We have been using the glue gun to stick thicker pieces of card together.

 In literacy lessons we have been thinking about journalistic writing (newspaper reports.) We have written headlines using introductions given and vice -versa. Also we have written quotes using direct speech and reported speech.

Maths lessons have also been interesting. We have learnt about equivalent fractions, ordering fractions by using common denominators and finding fractions of numbers.  We like using brackets in our work too, to help us show our workings more easily.

The second term has been really exciting so far and we can’t wait to find out what we are going to do next week!

  By Sophia and Rosie