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This week in year 6 has been awesome. We have been making our model Anderson shelters in DT and some of us have been painting our shelters and they’re looking amazing. Next week it will be the last week on making our shelters so we need to concentrate. But Scott hasn’t got a chance to improve because they were cooking food.\n\nIn cooking this week Scott has made delicious jam buns and rock cakes. The rock cakes had raisins, mixed spices and lots of flour. In the jam buns there was jam, flour and milk. They only took 10-12 minutes to cook. They were DELICIOUS! Everyone liked them except the people who don’t like raisins or jam.\n\nIn maths we have been finding percentages of a number. They are so fun. In yellow group people have been attempting level 6 maths (WOW). Mr Baird let us choose which groups work we wanted to work with because it was very hard for some people. At the end of this week everybody understood a lot more about percentages. We have also done two tricky maths SATS papers one with a calculator and one without one. Some questions were challenging and some were easy.  We will get our results next week.\n\nEnglish has been fun because we have been writing NCRs (Non-chronological reports). We have had goes on the tiny net books to type up our NCRs. We could write them on anything we wanted to write about anything we wanted to. Most people wrote theirs on their hobbies like Tyler and Ryan, who wrote their report on football. \nThis week in year six has been fun and we hope next week is even better.\n\nWritten by Louis Wilkins and George Bullock.