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Year 6 have had another really busy week.We are getting ready for our SATs tests in a few weeks and we have been working in our ‘booster’ groups for Maths and English. This week we have focused on converting between metric units for length, distance and volume in our Maths lessons. Our writing focus has been on Newspaper reports where we have written an article about a house that collapsed in to the sea because of erosion – (linked to our Coastlines topic) IMG_0591[1] During our afternoon sessions we: found out about coastal erosion in our geography lessons; visited the life education van as part of our PHSCE; studied  the work of a Japanese artist called ‘Katsushika Hokusai’ in our art lesson;and we played rounders in PE.IMG_0587[1]IMG_0592[1]IMG_0586[2]Plus – being on the field this week has been awesome – we are all praying for good weather next week too!!