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This week we have been really busy. We have been doing some World War Two cooking with Mrs Evans. Jenner have been cooking this week. We made corn beef hash and mock apricot tart. Corned beef was a was a cheap meat that was brought over from America. Corned beef hash was a mixture of corned beef, potato, tomatoes and carrot. Most people thought it was really nice but we didn’t get to taste the mock apricot tart that day because we were saving it for the VE-day party. So far we have cooked

  • Potato and Cheese scones
  • Baked pears
  • Carrot cookies
  • Corn beef hash
  • Mock apricot tart

  This week we have also been preparing the Year 6 class assembly. We had to get our lines right and prepare the props for the entertainment (we only rehearsed twice!) most of our parents came to watch it and they thought it was really amazing. We had a chance to show our recent work (e.g. evacuee diary entries) we read out examples of:

  • Setting descriptions (after an air raid)
  • Newspaper reports
  • Our homework (finding about a WW2 main event)

  The air raid shelters that we are building in dt are now reaching a completed state, however we still need to paint them and include fine details. We are hoping we will finish them within the next few weeks.By Finlay Orr and Nathan Lewis