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Year 6 have been working so hard! They making Mrs Panton and Mrs Mclellan really proud. In Maths, we have worked on our division skills: we began with looking at the short written method for dividing and have moved on to long division. The children have shown amazing resilience as we’ve learnt a new skill. It might take a while, but the satisfaction we’re getting from solving problems is worth it!

In English, we have completed our end of unit ‘hot task’ – writing a fictional diary entry of a German girl during World War 2. The children wrote some amazingly powerful and mature extracts. We look forward to you seeing them at parent’s evening.

In Science, we’ve been building circuits and learning about current and volatage and in Computing we have been looking at what the Internet is and how it works. We watched the short film “A Packet’s Tale” which shows how information travels around the world.