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Year 6 have had a lovely week filled of Maths and problem solving! Everyone has had the chance to get involved with teamwork and practical hands on Maths that got us all thinking – even Miss Szarko! We completed a Maths trail around the school where we had different problems to solve using the environment around us. The children were surprised by how much Maths is around, without even realising. Even the adventure playground is filled with angles!We also had the opportunity to work with The Problem Solving Company where we were working with shapes and their properties. We had to experiment with polyominos to create different shapes with different areas and construct a cube out of different shaped materials. We were very confident with making the cube – until we had to complete it so the faces were all one colour! This kept every involved and challenged for a long time until we were shown the simple solution.We finished the week with another visitor from StemWorks. He showed us how to make different types of shapes out of K’Nex. By making the shape and being able to describe it’s properties, the children could earn pieces of paper to make further 3D shapes. We also had the chance to solve lots of other practical problem solving. It was the perfect way to end the week!