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In year 6 this week we have been really busy after our nice Christmas break.In Maths we have been looking at Ratio and proportion – we looked at lots of real life examples like when paint is mixed if you want the same colour you have to use the same ratio, e.g. red and blue in the ratio 3:5. We also looked at recipes where ratio and proportion is important if you want the recipe to be the same but feed more people! In PE we started our newIn literacy we have been looking at persuasive texts. We had a go at writing an estate agent’s description of a house ‘for sale’. We use lots of appealing adjectives to make the house sound really good. Instead of small and cramped we said “cosy” and “compact”. Kayla won the certificate for her description of a cottage by the sea.On Friday we started our new art topic which is ‘pop art’. Pop art was bright, colourful art from the 1960s. Pop Artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Litchenstein used advertising, famous people and comic books in their work. We looked in detail at one picture and tried to copy the style using oil pastels.  

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