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On the last week of term I took 22 children to Wycliffe College to take part in a Sportshall Athletics Competition.  They were superbly well behaved and we were by far the loudest school (cheering on our team in the races).We had some absolutely fantastic results and came out to win 3rd overall, meaning we all received a Bronze Medal.  I will update with pictures ASAP, so keep a look out!Results:Boys -Obstacle Relay – Andy, Alfie, Thomas and Solly – 4th1 + 1 lap Relay – Sean and Tyler – 4th2 + 2 lap Relay – Fin and Barney – 4th6 Lap Paarlauf – Charlie B and Solly – 2ndOver/ Under Relay – Andy, Charlie G, Alfie and Tyler – 4th4 x 1 lap Relay – Fin, Barney, Charlie B and Sean – 1st Chest Push – Charlie G, Sean and Thomas – 5thStanding Long Jump – Fin, Charlie B and Sean – 2ndStanding Triple Jump – Fin, Solly and Tyler – 3rdVertical Jump – Andy, Thomas and Solly – 5thSoft Javelin – Andy, Charlie G and Alfie – 3rdSpeed Bounce – Barney, Charlie B and Alfie – 4th. Girls -Obstacle Relay – Kyra, Hannah O, Holly and Emily – 4th1 + 1 lap Relay – Daisie and Eva – 1st2 + 2 lap Relay – Ruby and Hannah M – 5th6 Lap Paarlauf – Kyra and Ruby – 1stOver/ Under Relay – Hannah M, Hannah S, Lara and Leona – 5th4 x 1 lap Relay – Daisie, Eva, Holly and Lara – 1st Chest Push – Ruby, Hannah M and Hannah S – 2ndStanding Long Jump – Daisie, Holly and Emily – 1stStanding Triple Jump – Kyra, Leona and Emily – 5thVertical Jump – Eva, Hannah M and Lara – 3rdSoft Javelin – Ruby, Hannah O and Hannah S – 5thSpeed Bounce – Daisie, Eva and Holly – 3rd