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In Year 6 we have just started a new Science unit on ‘Interdependence and adaption’. We began by looking at the features of plants and how they get their energy and gases. We found out that most plants have green leaves which contain ‘Chlorophyll’, a chemical that turns water in to sugar when sunlight is shone on it. Plants can make their own food instead of having to eat things like animals do.We also discovered that plants breathe in Carbon dioxide (CO2) and breathe out oxygen (O2) – Oxygen is what humans breathe so this is why plants are so important to us.Young children think that plants ‘drink’ water through their roots and that this is all they need to live – they don’t understand how plants can make their own sugar/food.Plants have tubes in their stems and roots which carry the sugar, water and other minerals around the plant just like blood vessels carry blood in humans. It was fascinating to discover how amazing plants are! 

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