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What we have been up to this week in year 6

This week we have learnt about the evacuation during World War Two. During Literacy lessons we have been writing diaries in role about being evacuated to Cornwall or Devon. We thought about and how we would feel about leaving our families to live with complete strangers. We started by doing some hot-seating so that we could find out what an evacuee might be thinking. We started to type our diary entries up using the netbooks.On Wednesday we had PE. Because it was raining we did rowing, table tennis and indoor golf – we even got to make our own golf course! In Science we have been studying micro-organisms. In this weeks’ lesson groups of us went out with Mrs Evans to set up experiments to see how long it would take different foods to get mouldy. So far the plums have already gone mouldy and its only been one day!! The whole school has houses and every child collects house points for their house if they do a great piece of work or work really hard. Also in year 6 we do a special raffle so that anyone who gets a house point will also get a raffle ticket. Every Friday we do a raffle – whoever wins gets a prize (This week Martyna was the winner!). We have also been making small models of air raid shelters to help us get ready for making much bigger ones for our DT project.That’s all for now but we hope you read next weeks blog. ByeBy  Georgie and James