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This week in year 6 we have been looking at how we can present characters in our stories. We looked at some fab character descriptions by authors such as Roald Dahl. Our favourite characters were “Miss Trunchbull” from Matilda and “Grandma” from George’s marvelous medicine. We looked at how we can present our characters using physical description, speech and actions. We also looked at how we can use figurative language (simile and metaphor) to describe our characters.e.g.“she ploughed right on through them like a tank, with small people bouncing off her to left and right.”“You could almost feel the dangerous heat radiating from her as from a red-hot rod of metal.”“Marched like a stormtrooper with long strides and arms swinging.” Our final task was to imagine that we had a crazy new teacher. We had to describe them using all of the techniques we had looked at. Our aim was to create a picture in our readers’ minds.

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