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This week at school we have been looking at ‘discussion texts’ during our English lessons. Some titles that we have looked at were: should children be allowed to choose their own bedtime; should wild animals be killed; should mobile phones be allowed in school and many more. We have all been separated into our S.A.Ts booster groups for this task. Once we had planned out our discussion texts, we copied them out neatly onto lined paper, trimmed them and stuck the finished draft into our English books. In maths, we have been studying factors, primes and square numbers. We have also been looking at square and prime numbers which sound complicated but they aren’t. These all link in with our maths topic this term called ‘Properties of Number’. Like English, we all split up into S.A.Ts booster groups again to do a few practise S.A.Ts questions but mainly to practise our maths ready for the tests in May.  In art we have been looking at ‘Pop Art’ which links to our history topic of ‘Britain since 1948’ as the Pop Art that we are looking at was first seen in the 1950s. On Thursday afternoon, we made cereal boxes that were inspired by Pop Artists e.g. Richard Lichenstein and others. We made up our own names and added amazing detail to them. Also, in History we have been looking at ‘Immigration’ since the 1950s which has interested most people because it would be weird to think that if they hadn’t of moved here, we wouldn’t have a lot of things that we have today. In science so far, we have been looking at ‘Light and Shadows’ and discovering why shadows are formed. Mr Baird took us outside and showed us how shadows are made but by using a stencil and spray paint – the paint didn’t go where the stencil was just like opaque materials block the light and make a shadow.  We have really enjoyed this week at school, we hope you have too.  

By Beth Dowdeswell and Elly Price