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New topic in literacy.In are literacy this week, we have been learning about describing different settings. We have been reading lots of descriptions of settings, e.g. a cottage scene, a Lord of the rings extract and one from a book called ‘Abridizil’. When we were talking about the Lord of the rings extract, we added detail, vocabulary and fabulous words to paint a picture in the readers’ mind. The class described the cottage scene as a lovely, warm and welcoming place to be in. Marvellous mathsIn our math’s lesson we have been learning about multiplication. We have used related facts and different ways of recording our workings. The hardest part is multiplying two decimal numbers and the word problems!Revolting Science!!!In this topic we all have been learning more about Micro-organisms. We have learnt about how micro-organisms can affect food. The whole class put food in a jar to wait for changes to appear on the food. One of the foods we have been looking at was the PLUMS, which had mould and bacteria first out of the other foods. The most disgusting one was the natural yogurt because it started to grow lots of fur and mould on top of it!! The muoldy banana was nearly the worst of them all. Our teacher opened it even though he wasn’t meant to and it stank sooooo bad.Fabulous D.T.We have been learning about ww2 and it is related to our D.T. sessions. In D.T. we have been learning about how Anderson shelters  protected people whilst the bombing Blitz was on. It would have been very scary and we all listened to a tape of an air raid during ww2. It sounded very scary and made us glad we didn’t live at that time

By Daisey and Jack. Y6