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Year 6 have been hard at work on their battle of Britain diaries this week. We have been writing in role as a battle of Britain pilots and we have had to imagine what they must have felt as they took part in battles high up in the sky in 1940.We have been finding out about the planes they used and some of the special slang language that pilots usedfor example:- Bale out = Jump out of your plane with a parachute- ‘Tally ho’ = Go in for the attack-‘Bought it/binned it’ = Got killed!- ‘Gear up’ = Took off and folder up the wheels- ‘Scramble’ = Run to the planes as quickly as possible- ‘Dogfight’ = A battle between two planes in the air- ‘Spits’ = Spitfire fighter planesWe have tried to use a chatty style in our diaries and we tried include other historical details like ‘wireless radios’, ‘The blackout’, ‘The Blitz’, ‘Barrage balloons’ and ‘Rationing’.  We are writing up our diaries on special paper ready for the first display of our work in the classroom.

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