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On Friday I took 7 Yr 6’s to Stratford Park to take part in an indoor Netball tournament.  We played 5 games in total.20151113_154352Our first game was against Uplands and we won 4-0!  A great start.20151113_145658Our next game was against Cashes Green and we won again, 1-0.20151113_154355.Our third game was against Gastrells.  They were a really strong team and unfortunately we lost our first match of the tournament.  Gastrells won every single match that they played, but had dibbed us as the team to beat!20151113_154906We then played Bussage and again we won, 5-0!20151113_140234Our final game was the decider on whether or not we went through to the final.  We played Leonard Stanley and it was a really closely matched game.  Our children played really well, but unfortunately we lost, meaning we came third overall.  Just missing out on the final.20151113_140231We came third overall in our group, a result that the children should be really proud of.  Our team consisted of: Eva, Daisie, Ruby, Aaron, Lucy, Hannah M and Hannah S.  I am certainly incredibly proud of the children, how fairly they played and how well they followed the rules.  We had a strong team and were unlucky to miss out on the final.20151113_155058