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Year 6 have done themselves, their teachers and St Matthew’s proud this week. They have worked really hard during their difficult SATs week and have even kept a smile on their faces! They have risen to the challenge with a really positive attitude and have shown great determination and perseverance. However, the week hasn’t all been about tests! We have been introduced to our production of “Alice – the Musical” and have started to learn some of the songs. On Friday, we auditioned for our parts and are eager to find out which part we will have. We have also created a coastline model each, using recyclable materials and a lot of paper mache! We celebrated the end of SATs with a pyjama day – even Miss Szarko came to school in her pyjamas! We then snuggled up on the floor with blankets and cushions to watch a film. This was a perfect treat to end a tricky week.