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Emirates cable car and Maritime museumToday was our final day in London. We were sad to be leaving but glad that we would soon be back home and seeing our parents again. After packing up our rooms and having a final room inspection, we headed down for our last big breakfast of the week.

image1 (20)

Ollie tucks in to his last “awesome” breakfast of the week (Sorry Mum!)

The first stop of the day was Greenwich and the Emirates cable car over the Thames. We boarded the cable car at the ‘airport’ next to the O2 arena and began our ‘flight’ over the Thames towards the London Excel arena on the other side. The cable car went up to nearly 300ft and wobbled about a bit but the view was amazing. We all had special maps that showed us which sights and buildings we could see. Some people got a bit scared but we all thought it was amazing. Once we reached the other side, we came back again – we were riding the cable car for nearly 25 minutes.When we landed safely back in Greenwich, we explored a mini museum about aeroplanes which had lots of displays and simulators to play with.
image1 (23)

300 ft above the Thames!!

image1 (22)

Faith playing it cool!


Captain Toby prepares for departure (I want to get off!!!!!)

image1 (21)

Year 6 happy and ready for take-off in a pretend plane!!

Next we visited the National maritime museum in Greenwich. The museum was in the old Admiralty headquarters and was all about the history of the navy and ships. There were lots of hands on displays and amazing artefacts. The most interesting part was the Nelson exhibition which had some of Nelsons clothing and belongings, including the coat he was wearing when he was shot at the battle of Trafalgar!!!

The coat that Nelson died in (Complete with musket ball hole in left shoulder and blood stained shirt!!!)

 After lunch it was time to head for home. We said our farewells to London and started the long trip back. It was a very quiet journey because most of us fell asleep and the rest of us just watched movies on our ipods. We all began to get excited when we arrived in Stroud and we were really glad to see our parents again.It has been an amazing week that we will never forget!