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This week Year 6 celebrated the end of their WW2 history unit by having a WW2 experience day. In the morning we arrived at school wartime fancy dress! Mr Baird was dressed up as a 1940s teacher – he looked very scary. We had a wartime lesson where we had to write in really difficult handwriting and we had to do maths with pounds, shillings and pence!!! Mr Baird called us all by our surnames and we did our work on chalk boards.At lunchtime we had a special ‘VE day’ party. VE day was ‘victory in Europe’ day and was a day of celebrations to mark the surrender of Germany and the end of the war. It actually happened on 8th May 1945 but we thought it was a good end to our history topic. We had a special VE day feast with food made to wartime recipes….it was delicious.Adding with pounds, shillings and pence!!…..really hard.Our wartime feast!