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This week we had so much fun bug hunting in the Forest schools area. After an hour and a half we had found a huge variety of mini beasts. These ranged from wiggly waggly worms to beetle larvae and snails eggs.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nimage\n\n\nThis week we also experimented with changing the colour of our paint by mixing. After making brown we soon learnt how to make a variety of colours and enjoyed finger painting with them.\n\nWe have played lots of different games with 3d shapes and are very good at describing the properties of a variety of solid shapes. We have built impressive towers, some were even taller than Mr Lewis! We still find sphere tricky to say but have managed to remember triangular prism pretty well.\n\nNext week we will be getting messy with some balloons and papier maché.