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This week we have had so much fun performing on the stage under the lights. Three times we made the journey from back stage to the bright lights to perform our parts in the Nativity. We played our parts brilliantly and sung the songs better than we have ever done.\n\nWe have also been thinking about another celebration of light this week. Although the celebration of Diwali took place in early November Mr Lewis chose this week for us to make the special lights that signify the happy ending to the Diwali story. We have compared this to our celebrations for Christmas. Mrs Burrows and Miss Davies helped us with the clay and you can rest assured that we used plenty of glitter. What we have done with them since is a bit of a festive surprise!\n\nThis week we have all had a go at making fortune tellers. This was to help us with our number recognition but also proved a very good way for us to improve our pinch grip. A template for the fortune tellers can be found here.\n\nWe have put up the Christmas decorations this week and have been busy decorating and redecorating the home corner with copious amounts of tinsel.\n\nNext week we will have more festive fun and have some very special projects to finish off.