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This week in Reception class we have started our new topic of Growing and Changing. We worked together to build nests for birds in Forest Schools on Monday. Some of us chose to build them high up and some chose to build them buried in the ground or bushes. It was very funny when we played the recorded bird songs as the ‘real’ birds in the trees started to sing back!We have also been working very hard on learning about pairs of numbers that add up to 10. We have used everything from coins and cubes to fingers and pegs to help us investigate pairs of numbers that go together to make 10. By Friday we had made some great progress. In our English work we have been continuing with our fun filled work in RWI (please sign up for the upcoming parent information sessions) and have been looking at a story called ‘The Not So Boring Day’. In it Winston finds an egg and all sorts of animals appear from it. Eventually we had to write a letter to the zoo to ask if they could take care of some of them for Winston.The role play area at the moment is a Post Office and we have enjoyed writing letters but the number one attraction was wrapping parcels. The postmen and women were very busy keeping up with the production line that we organised.Next week we will be finding out a little more about ‘baby’ animals and the correct names for them whilst we write sentences and labels for pictures we draw.