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This week we were all very excited as we enjoyed our first P.E. lesson. We all met the challenge of getting changed into our kit very well. The whole class managed to be ready in 10 minutes! During the lesson in the hall we played lots of games and learnt some new balances. We showed our friends our balancing at the end of the lesson. Getting changed back into our school clothes is always a bit more of a challenge. Most of us managed it without loosing too many clothes!\n\nThis week we have also been thinking about our favourite things to do both inside and outside of school. Lots of us love swimming and bike riding and we all love playing with friends. We have also been counting up to 30 and recognising numerals. We have learnt some new sounds including o and f.\n\nNext week is our Africa enrichment week. Look out for photos of the exciting activities we will be taking part in throughout the week.