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This week we have been reading and writing traditional tales. We used the story of Don Quixote to inspire some animal related story writing. We had such wonderful tales as Bat Quixote who fought bad giants to rescue the princess and Dog Quixote who fought vampires to get to the tower where the princess was. We had great fun making these up and couldn’t wait to read them to the class.We also spent some time writing book reviews about the enormous number of stories Mr Lewis has shared with us over the last two weeks. SOme of our very favourites were: Rumplestiltskin, Pinnochio and The Three Little Pigs.We also found time to investigate 3D shapes. We had lots of fun building tall towers from different 3D shapes. Although Mr Lewis kept on asking us about the shapes were using. We think that he is happy that we know the names of them now!The role play area has been very busy with stories of kings, wizards and princesses being created throughout the day. In the outside are we have even built towers and trapped people in them in to be rescued.Some of us have been creating huge sandcastles with real moats. Although the water seems to disappear quite quickly. Next week we hope to work out why.