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This week during Forest Schools we had the excitement of a huge downpour and as it was so windy we weren’t able to put the shelter up. We kept busy building and making patterns and that kept our minds off the lashing rain and howling wind. The major benefit of which was the vast number of worms that made their way to the surface of the soil. We were very careful not to harm them and made sure we returned them to their habitat once we had finished looking at them. We also made some impressive repeating patterns out of carpet tape and natural objects that we found. We are going to display them on our wall.\n\nAnother piece of work that we are going to display is the pterodactyl that we have made. Putting on the papiêr maché on the frame and mixing the correct colours was great fun, we only got a little bit in out hair!\n\nThis week we also showed off our fantastic rhyming skills by writing a dinosaur poem. We used rhyming couplets that a few months ago we would have found very hard to understand.\n\nMr Lewis was also very impressed with our time telling skills. Not only did we master the use of o’clock but many of us are getting  to grips with half past. Now we don’t have to ask Mr Lewis when lunch time is – we just look at the clock.\n\nLots of us said we are looking forward to the holidays but all agreed that we will miss our friends and can’t wait to get back to school already!