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A fantastic week of outdoor activities from Sporty Maths (measuring and timing our running, jumping and throwing out on the field) to spotty toads in the mobile pond. We had damp but delicious fun in the Woodland Wagon enjoying Forest School activities such as den-building, marshmallow toasting  and rope swinging. Teagan and Theo both enjoyed swinging really high. Mrs. Newbould had a go. Marnie had to teach her because she wasn’t very good!”Field and Furrows” brought in some amazing woodland creatures: hedgehogs, rabbits and owls (which were James’ favourite!)

Owlets. Have you been following the live webcam from Somerset?

 We had yet more creatures when The Mobile Pond arrived on Friday: pond-dipping for wonderfully wiggly mini-beasts, a surprisingly soft and silky toad and a beautiful, stripey grass-snake. Did you know that snakes are the boniest creatures? See if you can find out how many bones they have.

A tray full of tadpoles and other aquatic mysteries.

Did he say we would see a shark?

No…. he said there would be a crocodile.

That beetle waved at me.

Our beetle’s a rower! (They’re called water boatmen really.)

I wonder what it’s like to be a water snail?

I’m telling you- MY tadpole won the race!

Jules and his Marvelous Mobile Pond. Several of us are wondering what he feeds the creatures on. Hopefully not Infants!

Holding a toad.

More holding…

…more little toads (The amphibians not the children!!)


Airing a grass snake.


Airing a grass snake.


Some of my best friends are grass snakes.

 We have also had a physically challenging week. We “ran our socks off” at Sports Day (and our trainers in some cases.) The whole day was a resounding success with Year Ones, who voted it one of their two top favourite activities in the week. We are very proud of our runners and throwers and jumpers. We cheered ourselves hoarse for the Mammoth Relay and still had energy left for the Climbing Wall on Friday (Our second favourite activity!!) Mrs. Newbould was amazed that, despite our little legs, short shorts on a chilly day and teeming rain, many of us were up that wall like Spiderman without a word of complaint. Some of us were a bit worried at first but eventually we conquered Everest (if a trifle damp on the descent.)Congratulations to all who took part. When is the next one???