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Here are some of the things we have enjoyed recently in Year One…….\n\nMarnie:  I liked making the scarecrow’s trousers; they were really sticky! ( We have made a life sized collage of a scarecrow, in case you were wondering. Sam designed his giant carrot nose.)\n\nZachary: I enjoyed drawing someone’s face. I drew Archie. ( and Archie drew Zach.)\n\nPhebe: Making bread and sandwiches, they were really yummy.\n\nIzzie: It was fun watching the bread mixing and putting different things in the sandwiches. (Fillings that is, not some strange Science experiment.)\n\nAdam: I was very good in PE twisting like a seed.\n\nAnd Nicholas had a certificate for being such a kind friend.\n\nWhat a busy week. Keep watching for more news about our farm topic and have fun this weekend.