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Another busy week has been packed with exciting experiences. At the beginning of the week we walked down to St. Matthew’s Church as part of our Symbols topic. We looked at the outside of the church. “Massive!” was the verdict. Some people thought it was big so that people could find it from a long way off; others thought it was to show how big and important God is.Once inside, Kathryn explained how the church likes to welcome people in. She showed us places in the church that we have not been in before and we were allowed to go and explore on our own. Thomas drew an amazing picture of the huge organ pipes and some of us climbed up into the pulpit and onto the lectern. Nobody fell in the font, thank goodness.On Friday we had another wonderful time: though some of us found it a bit scary at first.  We saw lots of CREATURES!  A giant African land snail called Turbo (although he didn’t look very fast to us), a black millipede curled up tight in a spiral, a hairy tarantula  (safely inside his carry case) and a very cute and furry rat who liked sitting on people’s shoulders. (Perhaps it was pretending to be a parrot.) The most amazing creature was a ghost corn snake. It should have been bright orange but it had been born silvery grey. It was very beautiful. We found out it has lots more bones than people do.Mrs. Newbould is proud of us because we were all very careful of the animals and lots of us tried to stroke one, even if we were a little bit scared at first. The Blog Monster’s favourite was the snake. What was yours?

The beautiful ghost corn snake

  More pictures to follow! Creature Alert!!We have heard that there may be even more exotic creatures appearing in Year One next week. There have been possible sightings of dragons over Selsley Common, reports of alien space craft circling Sainsbury’s (supposedly asking for directions to St. Matthew’s)  and something moving at supersonic speed was seen heading along the canal towards the school field. Be on alert!