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It has been a very busy week!First, we painted our reading house.

We painted it to look like bricks and painted the window sills white

Then, we spent time reading in it, after Miss Oxford put up the curtains!

We love reading in our new house!

 On Wednesday we had a party to spend the marbles in our jar. We had earned 64 mins!

We brought in party clothes to wear

We brought in our own toys

 On Friday we had writing cafe, which we love. Corey, Mayanna and Barley were the best customers this week.

Would you like some fruit?

 Finally, we spent time with Mrs Bateman in the prayer space, on the stage.”It was amazing!” said Emma. “It was so cool, ” said Lewis. “I liked lying in the tent and thinking thoughts.”

Time for thought and reflection

 Have a happy half term!