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What a week!First thing on Monday morning Milly played her violin in assembly to the whole school! She was very nervous but very brave.After that we all went on a topic walk around the local area to think up what we wanted to learn for our next topic.  The weather was fine to start with but suddenly it started raining heavily. “We got soaking wet but it was fun!” said Max. In Victory park we found a plaque telling us that there was a gun there, captured by the British from the Germans during WW1. We decided we wanted to find out more about this for our topic. By the time we got back we were soaked through and we made a washing line of socks, tights and trousers. Luckily we all had our Forest School clothes to change into!Father Christmas visited us today and gave us all presents!The end of term commendations went to:Billy Berry for his brilliant thinking skillsAbbie Jones for her have a go attitude in all her workEllie Woodward for her enthusiasm and independent learning skills Happy Christmas and Happy New Year- see you all again on Monday 6th January 2014!