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On Wednesday we spent a whole day out of the classroom, learning about our local area and what homes were like in the past.  We did lots of jobs like they had to do before they had electricity.

It was actually fun sweeping the yard!

We washed clothes by hand using old fashioned washboards and Sunlight soap.

“I liked washing the clothes and cleaning the shoes” said Marcus.”I enjoyed beating the carpet ” said Mia.  We walked to the museum and looked at all the different houses. “We walked past my house! ” said Marcus.

Everyone loved beating the carpet!

After lunch we looked at old maps of the area near our school and watched a slide show of old photos.


We saw Billy’s house in the slideshow. On the way home we looked at the buildings that had been on the slideshow.  We also sang old nursery rhymes like Polly put the kettle on and pretended we were having tea!

Suki take it off again!

We learnt lots about Cainscross and Stroud!The next day we all wrote thank you letters to Ann and Steven at the museum telling them how enjoyable our day had been.