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This week we learnt what a RIGHT angle is and that there isn’t a LEFT angle! We learnt how to check for right angles by folding up bits of scrap paper and checking. We did some sorting of angles into Venn and Carroll diagrams and some of us know what an obtuse or acute angle is! We are learning the story of Hansel and Gretel and all week we have role played the beginning, middle and end. Each group had a Leader, who had to sort out any arguments (and there were some!) about who played which role. We also used instruments to make sound effects- Emma used her instrument to make the sound of the evil stepmother laughing! In music this week we learnt to sing our Dinosaur song, by popular vote! We had to listen very carefully for the different words and instruments and some of us kept a rhythm on the bongos or with a tambourine.If you haven’t already- go out and buy STROUDLIFE newspaper- can you find the St Matthew’s story in there? Mrs Armstrong was out this Friday so we will find out on Monday who the Certificate of Achievement goes to. Will it be YOU????????