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We have had a lot of fun this week!* Literacy – we have finished writing our adventure story and have now started to word process our work.* Numeracy – we have been attempting lots of word problems this week. Firstly we felt a little unsure of what to do but our confidence improved throughout the week.* Science – we have been exploring springs and elastic bands and the forces associated with them.* DT – we have started to make our photo frames this week. We had a range of materials to choose from to decorate our frames. We are looking forward to completing our frames next week. **We need to try and remember to bring in a photograph to go inside our frame next week.****Music – In music lessons in class we have been practising some of the Robin Hood songs. In our brass lesson this week we learnt a new song called “Hot Cross Buns.”*** Certificate of Achievement*** – “I was surprised and quite pleased with myself because I wasn’t expecting it!” – Edward