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This week we have been doing Art.  In Art we have been making pop up pictures of ourselves.  At the end of every art lesson we have a gallery where we look at everybody else’s pictures.  The pictures that we saw were amazing!In Maths this week we started our new unit of Multiplication.  Charlie won  the times tables championship in times table shoot out.  In times table shoot out, you call out a times tables question, and the first person to say bang and say the correct answer wins.  We absolutely love it!This week in ICT we have been making posters to enter a competition that Miss Beebee is running.  The posters are all about internet safety, and how to keep safe on the internet.  We have used 3D effects for the titles to our posters, so it looked great.  Some people created their poster on a laptop, and some did it on paper and used colouring pens.In Literacy we have been writing a letter to aliens who are visiting St Matthew’s because they have never been here before.  We explained about the school and talked about different days in Year 4.  Also in Literacy we were following a play script, to perform a short scene.  Some people added extra bits to the script to make their performance longer and more exciting.  We had groups of 2 or 4.In History we are learning about the Groovy Greeks.  We have written our own versions of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.  Some of the stories were very funny and a bit gruesome!!  Then we drew a picture at the end of the story to illustrate it, most of us drew a Minotaur, and they were a bit scary.This week our certificate was awarded to Barney, for being a Science whizz this week, and using some fantastic Scientific language to explain some tricky ideas.  He said “when Mr Weekes called my name out I was thrilled”.