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We have been doing some fun things this week.  On Monday we did some cooking, we made Coconut Mice.  They were delicious.We also made flying angels and decorated them.  We cut out 4 shapes and stuck them together to make the angel.  We folded a piece of paper one way and then the other to make a concertina.  This made the wings.  We used colourful, shiny stickers to decorate the angels.We made Christmas cards for our family and friends.  Some of us added glitter onto our cards, at the glitter station.  Some of us used half a pot!  We added bits of crafty stuff to add to our cards.We made posters about Christmas in other countries.  In Brazil they don’t have many presents, because they often give presents to very poor children who live on the streets.  In France they hang shoes up instead of stockings.  In Finland instead of Santa they believe in the Christmas Goat.  In China Christmas isn’t a public holiday.  In Spain part of the main Christmas meal is sweets.  In Italy they have meatless Christmas dinners.  In Australia Santa’s sleigh is pulled by 6 white kangaroos.This week’s commendations were awarded to Aaron for being inquisitive and asking lots of questions.  He said “I was amazed when Miss Beebee called my name out”.  Louis for working hard and always having a big smile on his face.  He said “I was really happy when Miss Beebee called me out”.  Hannah M for being a quiet and conscientious member of Year 4 who can always be relied upon to be doing the right thing.  She said “I was shocked when Miss Beebee said my name”.We have done lots of fun things and had lots of fun doing them.Merry Christmas everybody, and a happy new year!Love Year 4!