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On Monday we had another of our swimming lessons. Each group did lots of different things e.g. backstroke, butterfly stroke & breast stroke.  We also learnt to dive down to the bottom of the pool and collect sea horses, or to have a go at gliding on our fronts or backs. Mrs Bateman gave us the challenge of a 500 word story. This challenge will be really hard.

On Tuesday we did an end of unit assessment it was about air, evaporation and gases around us. Some of us finished the assessment fairly quickly. This did test our brains a lot so we all had a brain ache. In maths we started our volumes.On Wednesday we learnt about the Jewish festival Shavout. It was very interesting about the backgrounds of Shavout. That day we had Mrs Weekes. In maths we did rotating shapes. We used tracing paper to help us. You have to times length by the height by the depth. That was the best part of the topic/unit.On Thursday we did our end of unit assessment for maths. It was all the things we did in this term.  In literacy we planned our stories for Friday. Some of us did really good plans so we would do a good story. For maths we had extra time in the afternoon, because most of us hadn’t finished the assessment.On Friday we went to the church for the Candlemas blessing. The classes took it in turns. In maths we had a go at some very challenging word problems, to test our brains and knowledge. In literacy we started to write our different stories we didn’t get time to finish because the service went on for a long time. In the afternoon we researched the last bit for our Titanic poster. A couple of our posters will be put on display.