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This week started off full of maths tests. We all found these quite challenging, but we still tried our hardest. For the first test we were equipped with a mirror, tracing paper, pencil and a ruler which helped all of us a lot. For the second test we had all of those things plus a calculator because it was a calculator test. We did both of our tests in the hall but some did it in the classroom.On Wednesday we had  Mrs Weekes. We did R.E. the activity was the creation story. We had to create an animal or plant from our imagination. Some people’s creation was a Muckey which is a duck and a monkey another person did a four winged red fly both of these creatures help the environment in different ways.On Thursday we had a jolly good time singing and gardening. We are practising for the songs of war and peace event. For our last gardening session we all got a tomato plant to take home and look after. Lots of us are taking care of them very carefully.That was the end of year 5’s test week.By Josie, Joe Blackwell and Sam Mason.